In this collision of dance, theatre, and song, TMB creates an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's iconic story, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

TMB's adaptation is seeing a new production with students of Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy and plays their Camino Theatre Sept 30 - Oct. 8, 2016.

This current production was re-developed for TMB's collaboration with Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy during Tina Kronis' term on their faculty.

Directed and choreogrpahed by Tina Kronis
Text by Richard Alger

Ensemble: Kasper Svendsen, Kole Martin, Cyrus Palizban, Lamont Oakley, Alex Tash, Jesse Trout, Megan Gomez, Paola Fregoso, Mary Smith, Porsche James, Yridia Ayvar, Eliza Kim, Sabrina Torres, James Conkle.

Musical direction and composition by Wes Myers
Lighting design by Charles Millican
Sound design by Vern Yonemura, TMB, and Jake Eberle
Production stage manager Valentina Tonini

The company's production of Model Behavior was originally produced with the 24th St. Theatre and premiered on their stage in 2009.