Theatre Movement Bazaar's BIG SHOT is a vaudevillian theatrical collage inspired by The Godfather films and novel. TMB shakes down this iconic story to create a new work, echoing the source and investigating family dynamics, power, criminal behavior, and being an Italian American. In BIG SHOT, the American gangster genre is upended through stylized theatrics, dynamic movement, song, dance and pasta.

WAA 2016 SHOWCASE, Aug 31-Sept1 8pm

Shanghai Grand Theatre, Jan 5 -9, 2016
National Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing, Jan 12-14, 2016

Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh, Aug 1-25, 2015

Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles, May 14 - June 13, 2015

South Coast Repertory, April 24 - May 3, 2015

Created by Kronis + Alger
Directed and choreographed by Tina Kronis
Text by Richard Alger
Ensemble: Caitlyn Conlin, Mark Doerr, Elizabeth Ellson, David Guerra, Jesse Myers, Paula Rebelo, Mark Skeens

Big Shot premiered as a part of South Coast Repertory's Pacific Playwrights Festival. The creation of this show is made in part due to the generous support of South Coast Repertory, Bootleg Theatre and