The project is set in a time that has not yet arrived, in a culture burdened by protracted war. It takes place in the neutral, black-market-run Northern Zone, a densely populated, man-made bee hive clinging to a conglomeration of obsolete oil platforms and industrial refineries perched in international waters. Visitors to the Northern Zone find entertainment at a notorious venue, Café Oublié, “where everyone is free to forget”. Café Oublié takes its impetus from the ancient Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne, a tale of love, transformation, and loss.

Café Oublié is created and performed by TMB founders Tina Kronis and Richard Alger and guest collaborating artist Jeff Webster. Costume design by Ellen McCartney, Lighting design by Chris Akerlind, Cinematography by Michael Glover.

This new interdisciplinary work is commissioned by the Getty Museum and will premiere as a part of their New Play Reading Series at the Getty Villa, June 2, 2006. Seating is limited and by reservation only. Tickets are available 9am on Tuesday, April 25 by clicking here or calling 310.440.7300.

Read the myth, Apollo and Daphne.