Dry Cleaning is a multi-disciplinary work for two performers synthesizing performance, dance, and video. The project is a reinterpretation of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth projected through the lens of international espionage, encrypted correspondence, and disguise.

Created by Richard Alger, Tina Kronis, & Jeff Webster

Director/production and sound design:   Jeff Webster
Performer/text engineer:                     Richard Alger
Performer/choreography & movement:      Tina Kronis
Costume Design:                            Ellen McCartney
Video Design:                                    Peter Flaherty
Lighting Design:                                 Chris Akerlind
Cinematographer:                             Michael Glover
Co-producer:                                   Debbie Devine
Co-producer:                                    Jay McAdams

The world premiere was presented Nov., 2005, by the 24th St. Theatre and Theatre Movement Bazaar.

Dry Cleaning was supported in part by the Rockefeller Multi-Arts Production fund.

  photo by Peter Flaherty