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“A keen sense of whimsy underlies their rigorous and purposeful staging.” - LA Times

“It could be a new form of mathematical equation: text minus context equals twice the subtext.”
                                 - Backstage West (Critic’s Pick)

“A tightly choreographed and delightful theatre piece...a whimsical dance about our regimented lives.”
                                 - LA Weekly (Pick of the Week)

The company directs its research into Dostoevsky (NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND) and Gogol (DIARY OF A MADMAN and THE NOSE) for a surreal expression of the individual’s confrontation with society. The production incorporates a sound score of eclectic music loops and psychologically-based gesture and choreography to create a dance theatre made specifically with actors.

DUMBSHOW was produced in association with the Sacred Fools Theater and premiered on their stage.

Director/choreographer: Tina Kronis
Text/assistant director: Richard Alger

Performers: Aldrich Allen, Shirley Anderson, Jay Harik, Dean Jacobson, Crystal Keith, Corey Klemow, Majken Larsson, Kelley Leathers, Julie Lockhart, David LM Mcintyre, Peter Mattsson, Michelle Philippe, and John Wuchte.

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