Monster of Happiness is a psycho-physical, science fiction love story based on the myth of Adam and Eve and examining a cornerstone of the American Dream: the pursuit of happiness.

In this work the company pursues the 20th century aesthetic innovations of early American modernist literature, Meyerhold's Biomechanics, and post revolution 'Soviet Style' cinema. Integral to this process is a feedback loop, an invitation for the public (via the TMB web site) to provide personal views on happiness.

The project is created by TMB’s Tina Kronis and Richard Alger and co-produced by the 24th St. Theatre. It is being developed in several stages, the resulting material to be layered into the final production.

  Stage 1 (Dec. 2005): an open audition where 70 participants were recorded taking part in improvisations and participating in the early development of the Happiness Questionnaire.
  Stage 2 (Jan. 2006): rehearsal and photography with a selected cast of 20 to create a film that will be incorporated into the final live presentation.
  Stage 3 (2006-07): the online Happiness Questionnaire.
  Stage 4: the integration of the materials and development of the live performance, resulting in a world premiere June 15, 2007, at the 24th St. Theatre.

Created by Tina Kronis and Richard Alger

Cinematography by Michael Glover
Set design by Jeff Webster
Costume design(stage 4) by Ellen McCartney
Lighting design by Chris Kuhl
Video design by Austin Switser

Tech direction by Ry Buffington

Stage 2 Ensemble: Michael Barron, Melina Bielefelt, Tegan Cohan, Jake Eberle, Aaron Francis, Jenifer Hamel, Jessica Hanna, Crystal Keith, Edgar Landa, Gail Langstroth, Majken Larsson, Julie Lockhart, Peter Mattsson, David LM Mcintyre, David Nott, Michelle Philippe, Paul Plunkett, Stacey Ramsower, Pogo Saito, Jacob Sidney

Supported in part by the Rockefeller Multi-Arts Production Fund, the Dept. of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, and the Durfee ARC Grant.

photo by Michael Glover