A transmutation and reconstruction of the Chekhov text interwoven with dance/movement track emphasizing masculine and feminine role playing.

The company's production of SeaGull was produced by the Sacred Fools Theater and premiered on their stage.

A 22min silent video version of the production from taped live performances was produced by TMB in 2001.

Adaptation and design by:
Richard Alger and Tina Kronis
Directed by: Tina Kronis

Performed by: Aldrich Allen, Jenifer Hamel, Jay Harik, Chad Kukahiko, Peter Mattsson, Linda Miller, Michelle Philippe, Paul Plunkett, David Rodwin, and Shirley Roeca.

"What Kronis and Alger have done is wittily suggest what Chekhov might be if you eliminate the furniture and the subtext...absurdist satire that does achieve clear comedic status.”
        -- Backstage West

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