Using the writings and life of August              Strindberg as a starting point, this              production conforms with the writer’s              rigorous examination into obsessions, beliefs, and relationships. His varied fields of interest led us to chemistry texts, magic-trick instructions, Darwinism, and the Wild West. The resulting language and choreographed psycho-physical movement score implicate the performers in a shared state of compulsion. It simulates a reconnection of the mind/body experience, and in that, a formal yet abstract communication with others.

Strange Beliefs was produced in association with the Sacred Fools Theater and premiered on their stage.

Director/choreographer: Tina Kronis
Text/designer: Richard Alger

Featuring:: Aldrich Allen, Shirley Anderson, Melina Bielefelt, Tom Chalmers, Jake Eberle, Aaron Francis, Crystal Keith, Corey Klemow, Majken Larsson, Julie A. Lockhart, Peter Mattsson, David LM Mcintyre, Michelle Philippe, Pogo Saito, Kim Weild, John Wuchte, with understudy Eden Young.

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