SUBLIMINAL  is initiated by the ancient legend of Cassandra, the Trojan princess who was granted the gift of prophecy and the curse of never being believed.   Humor, dance, song, and video are merged through TMB's interdisciplinary process to create this new work for the stage.

Three men are stuck on a submarine deep in the sub Arctic. Like the Greeks inside the Trojan Horse, they are waiting -- waiting for word from their superiors to strike, to deliver their payload, to seal a mining catastrophe, prevent a global environmental disaster, and become heroes.  Their destiny may be otherwise.  Headquarters is withholding information, and a mysterious woman is infiltrating their closed quarters.  Is she there from their past? is she a hallucination?  a glimpse into their future?  The crew's outer struggle to succeed in their operation is subverted by their own inner struggles in this psychological mission of regret and desire.

Getty Villa
Malibu, California


Nov 20 - 22, 2015
Fri, Nov 20 @ 8pm
Sat, Nov 21 @ 3 & 8pm
Sun, Nov 22 @ 3pm

Created by Tina Kronis, Richard Alger, and Jeff Webster
Directed and choreographed by Tina Kronis
Text by Richard Alger
Scenic and sound design by Jeff Webster
Costume design by Ellen McCartney
Lighting design by Michael Gend
Vidoe design by Hana Sooyeong Kim
Music direction/arrangement by Wes Myers
Technical Direction by Aaron Francis

Ensemble: Tina Kronis, Mark Skeens, Jeff Webster, and Richard Alger


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