Presented in partnership with Gorky Drama Theatre


великий Gatsby

Written by Richard Alger | Directed by Tina Kronis

TMB is embarking on a unique partnership between with the Gorky Drama Theatre in Vladivostok, Russia, to present a highly-physical and dynamic new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, THE GREAT GATSBY.


October 5, 6 @ 18.30

Приморский краевой академический драматический театр имени Горького
ул. Светланская, 49

‘Mad, rad, and dangerous to miss!’


For THE GREAT GATSBY, TMB co-founders and principal artists, Tina Kronis and Richard Alger, bring their unique approach to theatricalizing this classic American novel. Using Alger’s new text translated into Russian, Kronis will direct Gorky Theatre actors and partner with its design and production team. This world premiere cross-cultural production is being made under the guidance of Gorky Drama Theatre’s Artistic Director, Efim Zveniatsky, co-produced by Vladimir Ferkelman, and made with the support of the United States Department of State. The world premiere is Oct. 5, and the show will continue in the company’s repertoire.  


Gorky Theatre Reperatory


Tina Kronis | Richard Alger | Efim Zveniatsky