Directed by Tina Kronis

Edited by Richard Alger

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing restrictions, live theatre has been put on hold in the US since mid March, 2020. By August the infection rate had worsened in Los Angeles, our interdisciplinary theatre company’s home base. It was clear that our ability to convene as an ensemble, work together, and share our work with the public would be unsafe for some time to come.

We set about developing a way to work and create safely using digital technology available to us. Led by Artistic Director, Tina Kronis, a method was devised for generating material related to the current status of each of our collaborating ensemble members.


World Premiere: Oct 5,6 @ 18:30
and ongoing as a part of the Gorky Drama Theatre repertoire

Приморский краевой академический драматический театр имени Горького
ул. Светланская, 49



‘Mad, rad, and dangerous to miss!’


“Instead of adapting a classic piece of literature or staging a play in a digital format, we decided to stop, step back and start over. Life was ‘on pause’ — a kind of intermission. In consideration of what we are experiencing due to the pandemic we looked to find the alphabet, so to speak, of a new language for working together. The means of digital communication – Zoom meetings, classes, phone conversations, and social media posts — were revealing people’s interests and what’s changing in their lives. I decided to take these elements and investigate them through a creative process by embraced the technology we found new ways to continue.” Tina Kronis


Mark DOERR | Elizabeth ELLSON | David GUERRA | Prisca KIM | Jesse MYERS | Lamont OAKLEY | Elle PARKER | Paula REBELO | Kasper SVENDSEN


Tina Kronis (director/choreographer)
Richard Alger (editor)
Wes Myers (Music score and composition)
the ensemble and Richard Alger (Photography)

Arthur’s Lullaby
Lyrics by Richard Alger | Music by Wes Myers
Additional music
Up a Lazy River
by Hoagy Carmichael and Sidney Aronid
performed by
The Ink Spots