New Workshops Every Season



As sring becomes sUmmer

becomes Winter, becomes fall

we meet to move, and dance,

and make something

We hope you’ll come along with us

there’s ratheR a lot to try

and we’d like to get started

Each season we run a LAB, designed to introduce movement to those who have never run into it before – and refine the work of those who have. This isn’t a class, there isn’t homework. It’s a chance to get to the fundamentals of movement – drawing from a broad variety of disciplines from vaudeville, to ballet, to clowning. We put together a cohort who work together to develop an original piece over the course of two weeks. There’s no showcase, no audience members, this is about process.

Each lab is limited to 16 places. When they’re gone they’re gone. Signup below to get alerted when registration opens.