Grail Project

Wandering knights, hopeful kings, sensual maidens and mystical magicians are given a contemporary voice in this woven tapestry of original text, song, dance, humour and unique physicality. Theatre Movement Bazaar assembles its ultra-modern troubadours for the company’s latest adventure, the Grail Project, unraveling the Arthur Legend and Grail Myth.

Dept of Cultural Affair City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Arts Commission

This show is currently being performed at Bedlam Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.


Director – Tina Kronis

Playwright – Richard Alger

Musical Director – Wes Myers

Costume Designer – Ellen McCartney

Costume Assistant – Yuan Yuan Liang

Tech Director – Aaron Francis

Scenic & Sound Design – Kronis & Alger


Mark Doerr – King Arthur/Grail King

David Guerra – Perceval

Prisca Kim – Vivian/Blanche Fluer

Jesse Myers – Modred/Hermit Tailor

Lamont Oakley – Lancelot/Dream Knight

Elle Parker – Morgana/Mother

Paula Rebelo – Gwenevere/The Hag

Mark Skeens – Merlin/Mentor

Kasper Svendsen – Knute Blacksmithson

Fringe Review ‘Must See Show’

…We have here an unmissable example of excellent writing and direction, design and choreography that merrily takes liberties with genres and is happy to mix them up into a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. That, by the way, is alchemy. Here they have turned base metal into artisic gold. A livey production that sparkles with life and brings you are story, blended traditional and modern, happy to bamboozle you and then to drag you back into the narrative that was always there, demanding your attention.

You’ll be so very glad you came – alot. (wink wink)

The Stage  ★★★★

An opening tableau provides a nod to the sort of physical theatre that went out with the ark before the company get on track, taking the basics of physical dance theatre and applying all manner of genres and theatrical styles to it. This is a film noir telling, with tersely ironic dialogue, which draws out the existing feminist undertones of the myth, with Arthur’s sister Morgana manipulating the narrative and his wife Gwenevere driving it in her relations with Lancelot. …

Yes, this is tricksy and intensely stylised, with a tendency towards caricature rather than character-creation, but director Tina Kronis uses her seriously well-drilled ensemble to serve the whole in a production that sparkles desire.

LA Stage Raw

Director/choreographer Tina Kronis and writer Richard Alger, the duo known as Theatre Movement Bazaar, work with a fine company of performers to bring their distinctive styling to the Grail legend in this world premiere at Bootleg Theater.

Their approach to the story is refreshing, mock-legendary, and feminist. The women in this version of the Arthurian stories are more than ready for liberation; they’ve begun to agitate for organized struggle against subjugation.


Theatre Movement Bazaar is a Los Angeles company I’ve loved for almost two decades now. I’ve followed their work through a slew of LA’s intimate theaters starting at Sacred Fools, then 24th Street, the Getty Villa, and now Bootleg. They’re that most valuable of LA theater commodities: a director and writer driven ensemble that’s exploring and expanding their own aesthetic style….

If you haven’t seen Theatre Movement Bazaar’s work before “The Grail Project” is a fantastic place to start and, if like me, you’ve adored their work for years it’s thrilling to see a local company continue to evolve without losing their way.



The Outlier Scotland ★★★★

Musical Theatre Review ★★★★

  • Run Time: 75 minutes
  • Cast Size: 9
  • Available for touring: Yes
  • Suitable for 12+
  • Physical Theatre

Original Run: Bootleg Theatre

Feb 17 – Mar 10, 2018 | 2220 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90057 |

This production is co-produced and presented by Bootleg Theater and TMB’s longtime collaborator, Jessica Hanna with Associate Producer Ammy Alexandra Ontiveros

Fringe Run: Bedlam Theatre

as part of the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival

Aug 2 – 26, 2018 | 11B Bristo Place, Edinburgh UK, EH1 1EZ |

photos courtesy of Eric Gutierrez