Café Oublié


The project is set in a time that has not yet arrived, in a culture burdened by a protracted war. It takes place in the neutral, black-market-run Northern Zone, a densely populated, man-made beehive clinging to a conglomeration of obsolete oil platforms and industrial refineries perched in international waters. Visitors to the Northern Zone find entertainment at a notorious venue, Café Oublié, “where everyone is free to forget”. Café Oublié takes its impetus from the ancient Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne, a tale of love, transformation, and loss.


Director/Choreographer – Tina Kronis

Playwright – Richard Alger

Musical Director – Wes Myers

Costume Designer – Ellen McCartney

Lighting Design – Richard Alger

Sound Design – Kronis & Alger

Tech Director – Aaron Francis


Caitlyn Conlin

Mark Doerr

Elizabeth Ellson

David Guerra

Jesse Myers

Paula Rebelo

Mark Skeens


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The press pack for this production will be available to download soon.
Backstage West

Jaw-dropping performance art at its finest, as facets of traditional storytelling, mingle with choreography and astonishing mixed-media effects.

LA Times

The typical Theatre Movement Bazaar production is a marketplace of movement — riotous, exotic and packed with an eclectic display of goods.

LA Weekly

Fresh and original work by a talented company.

  • Cast Size: 7
  • Physical Theatre

photos courtesy of Shanon Rodriguez